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Red Infield Conditioner Our Red Infield Conditioner creates a natural look that enhances the appearance of an infield. A vitrified clay (expanded shale and clay) product applied to skinned areas of baseball and softball fields.

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Baseball and Softball turf Columbus, Ohio Premium Baseball and Softball Turf That Can Be Delivered Skinned Infield Mixes KB Infield Mix. KB Infield Mix is a special blend of clay silt and fine mason sand screened to 1/8".

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Soil conditioners or field toppings are used on many fields to improve drainage, surface condition, and the appearance of a baseball or softball field. Traditionally brick dust has been used as a field topping. This is a completely acceptable field topping One element to be careful of is the type of brick dust …

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Baseball is played on a precision geotechnical product -- a specific dirt blend to maximize performance. ... Ballfield dirt is a blend of water and three grades of sediment—sand, silt and clay—to make possible the best play. ... They also rake and level the infield skin, then add top dressing as needed. They repeat this during the game to ...

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Excellent percolation. Your infield will be playable after a rain 5 times faster than a clay/sand infield. This greatly reduces games being called due to rain. Non tacky and non abrasive; Excellent ball roll; Can be used as an all in one surface, top dressing or conditioner to add to your existing material

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PRO'S CHOICE offers a variety of products to help make your athletic turf and baseball infield superior. Pro's Choice Red and Pro's Choice Select athletic soil conditioners can be used in new athletic field construction or as a top dressing to eliminate compaction and improve playing surfaces.


Infield Mix. Original Diamond-Tex® Premium Diamon-Tex® Professional Diamond-Tex® Warning Track Mix; Bocce Court Mix; Athletic Field Line Marker; Turf Topdressing. Compost; Screened Topsoil; Custom Soil Blends; 1" Minus; Groundskeeping. Infield Conditioner; Mound/Plate Clay; Top Dressing; Drying Agent; Mound/Plate Bricks | Resources. Product ...

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Long-lasting and durable pitching rubbers, toe plates, home plates, pitching mounds, tamps, scuffle hoes, infield mix, top dressing, sand, warning track mix, brick dust, and assistance with sports field renovations and maintenance.

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Our infield mix was originally made for the California Angels back in the late 1960's. Because this product carries "fired clay," which absorbs water leaving the net result of less water use for maintenance than products with a psyllium binder, others are unable to duplicate this mix. Angel mix has approximately 40% clay and 60% brick dust.

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Oct 01, 2012· Using crushed brick for an infield mix was a practice that was used across the Midwest for a number of years in the 1990 - 2005 window. The J&D Turf team renovates at least 1-2 fields a year that have brick dust as an infield mix.

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Magic Mix Infield Topdressing. Finely crushed aggregate that has been proven over the years to be a solid performer on ballfields, especially in northern climates. Its rich red color gives any field a professional look. It's fine enough to slide or dive on without worry for player safety. Dense material that won't wash away or create dust.

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Magic Mix™ surface playing material, used by Park & Rec Departments, High Schools, College and Professional baseball programs throughout the country, is one of the most cost saving, performance enhancing products available today.

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Baseball players know that a dry infield makes a better game. Our crushed brick diamond dust is the answer to keeping your baseball or softball team's infield dry. Unlike some infield top coats, our crushed brick contains no sand, slivers or clay fillers and absorbs water like a sponge.

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Everything you need to get the most from your infield. These soil amendments are everything you'll need from infield conditioners and topdressing, to infield drying agents and pitching mound shredded clay.

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The use of expanded shale and clay was pioneered as an infield conditioner on a single ball field in Texas in 1989. The result was immediate — a faster drying, …

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- urfaceT is a sports field conditioner, not crushed aggregate like brick dust and vitrified clay, which are commonly used as infield colorants.If you want to use these materials, Turface should be incorporated into the mix to prevent compaction and to improve moisture absorption.


- urfaceT is a sports field conditioner, not crushed aggregate like brick dust and vitrified clay, which are commonly used as infield colorants.If you want to use these materials, Turface should be incorporated into the mix to prevent compaction and to improve moisture absorption.

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The key to our Sport Mix blend is the utilization of Clay, instead of brick dust. The key to a good field is water absorption. Brick dust is simply what it says, DUST! After being fired at 2,000 degrees, any molecule that once was, is no more. Brick dust will not allow for any absorption of …

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granite crusher dust on baseball field . crushed brick for baseball fields educationcarein. Dialog with a coach all about adding brick dust to his infield top dressing on brick dust for baseball ...

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Diamond Pro Red Infield Conditioner gives a field the professional look and feel that all coaches and players require. It is exceptional as both a Top Dressing and Soil Conditioner. Though it has been designed to meet performance expectations of Professionals, Diamond Pro Red Infield Conditioner is affordable for all levels of play.

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Crushed red shale is similar to brick dust and vitrified clays Can be used as a top dressing to eliminate slick, muddy surfaces on dirt infields Can be installed 3" to 4" deep as a playing surface


BUY WITH CONFIDENCE . Midsouth Baseball will not be undersold on any item found in our catalog. ... determine the ideal delivery amount for your fields. Our Red Infield Conditioner creates a natural look that ... Saf Coat Top Dressing . Saf Trac Warning Trac . Brick Dust . Sandy Loam. SEED We stock a variety of annual and

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Get the right mix for the right field. Having the best baseball dirt on your field matters. We've worked closely with coaches and groundskeepers to create baseball infield mixes that are top performers – offering safety, endurance for everyday play, and quick recovery after rain.

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Prevents excessive compaction of infield soil and promotes superior drainage qualities. Retains moisture to keep playing surface virtually dust free, firm and resilient .... without dry-out or cracking. Highly durable .... designed to keep infields in top condition season after season.

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4. Use an Infield Top Dressing. Use a topdressing on your infield skin surface. An infield topdressing is a ¼" to ½" layer at the infield skin surface of a granular material that …

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Adding Brick Dust To A Baseball Field: Dialog With A Head Coach ... The infield skin should be at least 4 inches of a good baseball mix. Ideally it comes premixed and is a combination of sand, clay, and silt. ... brick dust on top of it. It really won't drain well and the top will be very loose - poor footing and bad hops. It's a fact that the ...

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infield top dressing on brick dust for baseball fields 2008-12-30 How to install unfired clay, This is a small grain size hard material that people put on the top of baseball and softball fields, Brick dust .